Anonymous sent: What do you think are the nationalities of the main HxH characters if they lived in OUR world?


I think about this from time to time and I’ve discussed it with some of my friends and these are my opinions:

  • Leorio: Mediterranean, from the south of either Spain or Italy. I’m leaning towards Spain because a) i’m Spanish so I want Leorio to be my nationality hahaha b)there’s a town in the north of Spain called Leorio. My other choice would be Argentinian. But his personality and looks seem very mediterranean to me.
  • The Zoldycks: This is fun because they wear a lot of traditional asian clothes and their house has Japanese style rooms too but Silva and Zeno look very much not Japanese. I think Misi said that they’d be Japanese on Kikyou’s part and Scandinavian on Silva’s side, and I like that. I can see Silva adopting Japanese customs out of love for his wife. I think both Zeno and Silva would be northern Europeans who are very interested in asian martial arts and travel a lot to train and that’s how Silva and Kikyou would meet (wow i’m writing an au here help)
  • Gon:  Any small Caribean country would work, especially Costa Rica because everybody there is nice and friendly and it was a lot of nature everywhere and animals. It fits his looks too, and it’s hot all the year so he can always wear shorts. 
  • Kurapika: I can see with as French, for some reason? Maybe because I can see him joining all revolutions. He was raised by hippy, nature loving parents in the middle on nowhere in the French countryside and moves to Paris to go to University. 
  • Hisoka: his soundtrack theme in Madhouse’s adaptation sounds very Spanish, so possibly Spanish like Leorio? His name is an alias and his haircolor isn’t natural either. Tbh idk. I think he doesn’t feel like any nationality, no matter where he was born. 
  • The Genei Ryodan: I think Misi said Kuroro was Russian and I love the idea? I can also see him as Romanian for some reason. Phinks comes from an Egyptian family but he was born and raised in Ireland, because there’s a lot of people who wear tracksuits in Ireland and they all drink a lot of beer. Feitan is Chinese obvs. Pakunoda is Swedish or somewhere in northern europe because of her height. Uvo is somewhere from the North of Europe too, possibly Finland? Shizuku and Nobunaga are Japanese, and maybe Machi too? Or maybe japanese-american. yeah that suits her. I DON’T KNOW ABOUT SHALNARK. I think either Australian or English. I like Franklin as Canadian for some reason (he seems polite?) and I have no idea for Kurotopi or Bonorenov.